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Family Counseling

Family relationships can be tremendously gratifying and enriching. They can also become a source of tension, especially during periods of stress. Such responses to stress are often normal, but you may need some help from time to time. Families seek the support of therapy for many reasons. 

Most come wishing to resolve chronic tensions that have developed with individual members or the family as a whole. Sometimes these tensions are fueled by change and loss, and at other times, long-standing difficulties in mediating competing or conflicting needs within the family. We understand how inevitable these kinds of hardships can be, even among families who love each other deeply.

•    Family Conflict

•    Parenting Issues

•    Teen Issues

•    Sibling Conflict

•    Pornography Problems

•    Parents and Adult Children

•    Substance Abuse

•    Life Transitions

We can assist your family in identifying where you get stuck, work past barriers, discover strengths, create safety, and promote strong bonds of love and emotional responsiveness.  Family counseling offers a safe environment where family members can address their difficulties in a way that helps draw them closer together while honoring individual needs and feelings. 

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